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ADAM - The Humanoid bipedal robot

Leading the Robotic Steps

A Project in Collaboration with Robopreneur Sdn Bhd Together with our partner, Robopreneur, we are designing, prototyping and developing a humanoid named Adam. Adam will be a fully functional biped humanoid.

Get to Know Adam

  • A robot prototyped biped walking humanoid
  • Stands at 1.5 meter tall and weighs around 50kg
  • Adam will be developed in 3 phases spanning over a period of 5 years (2018 - 2023)
    Prime 1 Project: Hardware design, modelling, biped locomotion testing and assembling
    Prime 2 Project: Software and controller design, development and programming which includes sensor programming and system integration
    Prime 3 Project: Artificial intelligence development including voice recognition, speech analysis and facial recognition

Cyberjaya Autonomous Taxi (CAT)

Self-Driving Revolution

A Project in Collaboration with SCOMI, eMOOVIT & UTM Autonomous vehicles are the future that many of us are anticipating. This collaboration will enable the piloting of Malaysia’s first on-demand driverless electric taxi solution and driverless electric shuttle solution in Cyberjaya with the hope the project will enable more autonomous vehicle research in Malaysia. An autonomous vehicle is capable of sensing its environment and navigate from point A to B by itself without human conduction with sensors to detect and tract obstacles and adecision maker to avoid collision.

Get to Know CAT

  • Two units of CATs are designed, prototyped, developed and tested.
  • Both units are made up with autonomous technologies and on-demand service solution.
  • CAT attracted some potential collaborations with companies like Scania, Volvo, EasyMile, TATA and NAVYA

Cyberjaya Solar Panel Project

How we're Earning from the Sun

As one of Malaysia's pioneer green townships, sustainability is big in Cyberjaya. Being in Malaysia, where sunshine is abundant all year long, solar farming is one of the best option for renewable energy. We aim to promote sustainable and energy to drive down emissions and reducing our carbon footprint in this beloved planet through the commercialisation of renewable energy.

Get to Know our Solar Farms

  • We collaborate with Cyberview and Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) for the construction, installation, completion, testing, commissioning and maintenance the Cyberjaya-wide solar
    panel project.
  • Current solar panel projects can be found at CoPlace 2, CoPlace 3, Cyberview’s parking, Dashbox Hotel parking space and SkyTech Tower.
  • Total target capacity generated is about 870kWp accumulated at an estimated cost of RM4.8 million.

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