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National Regulatory Sandbox

Building a Friendly Regulatory Environment

We’re living in a fast paced industry where we are constantly presented with new innovations every day. The biggest problem faced by the industry is on regulatory. Inflexible rules could kill innovative ideas. In the past, some really good ideas faced some challenges when being introduced, such as e-hailing providers; Grab and health care startups; TeleMe due to various strict regulations in the past.

This is why Futurise is leading the National Regulatory Sandbox programme to allow creators and innovators to focus their resources on fine-tuning their product, finding market fit or validating business models instead of tedious compliance efforts.

What's a Regulatory Sandbox?

A Regulatory Sandbox is a ‘safe place’ where pre-determined set of rules allow innovators to test their products, services, business models and delivery mechanisms in a live environment with relaxations on all or specific regulatory requirements. Regulatory Sandboxes benefit both innovators and regulators.

Robotics Malaysia

Accelerating Towards Industry 4.0

Futurise is moving towards Industry 4.0 along with the global industry with Robotics technologies being a huge part of the revolution. The Robotics Malaysia Programme is a collaboration programme with Malaysia Technology Development Corporation (MTDC), Malaysia Robotics and Automation Society (MyRAS) and the Ministry of Education (MOE).

Robotics Accelerator Programme

MTDC, a corporation mandated to assist the development of the robotics ecosystem and MyRAS has been collaborating on the idea of Robotics Malaysia. In 2017 Futurise initiated a partnership with both parties to accelerated the initiative and developed the Robotic Accelerator Programme which will take place at Futurise. The six-month Global certified programme will involve selected SMEs working on a number of Intellectual Properties creation and commercialisation.

Global Certification & Symbiosis

The collaboration between Futurise, MTDC, MyRAS and Tech Capital will carry out two programmes namely Global Certification Programs which addresses smart transportation and smart agriculture and Symbiosis Programs which addresses the capacity building in technology entrepreneurship.

XR innovation Lab

Step into the X Reality

Step into a new kind of reality at the XR Innovation Lab. This collaboration with Microsoft Hololense is introducing a showcase area of the products and solutions in the area of augmented reality/virtual reality research and development as well as industry and consumer content development. The area is divided into three sections.

Industry Collaboration

The XR world is limitless. Witness yourself XR Content developed in collaboration with partners from the industry.

Interactive Selection

Learn more about XR through our workshops co-developed by Swinburne University of Technology open to students, public & private sector and aspiring technopreneurs.

Experience Selection

Access and experience first-hand the X Reality (XR) content with Microsoft Hololens and create your own solutions and collaborate with one another.

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