The Advancement Agenda

National programmes to fuel the flames of innovation


The COLLABORATION through our partners allow us to carry out training & certification Programmes which addresses smart transportation and smart agriculture, including Symbiosis Programmes which addresses the capacity building in technology entrepreneurship. Besides that, together with our partners, we hosts regular workshops for schools, children, adults, professionals or absolute beginners. There is something for everyone, so why not join us to build better programmes for the future tech generation?


Malaysia Board of Technologists (MBOT) is a professional body that gives Professional Recognition to Technologies and Technicians

  1. Professional Assessment Training
  2. Lab and Workshop
  3. CPD Technical Training

Looking from a DroneTech perspective, Futurise is collaborating with Drone Academy Asia (DAA)  supported by Poladrone,a globally recognized 100% DJI certified. DAA  is certified and recognized training provider under the Pembangunan Suber Manusia Berhad (PSMB) and their Courses are claimable under the Human Resource Development Fund. They provide Best -in -Class Drone Training, In -house Training and Application - based Training.

  1. Professional Drone Operator Course
  2. Aerial Mapping & Surveying Course
  3. Precise Aerial Mapping Advanced Course


Malaysia Robotic & Automation Society (MyRAS) was founded in the year of 2010 and they are committed to the push for advancement of robotic and automation technology in Malaysia. As one of the Futurise’s partners, MyRAS is actively conducting Robotic Awareness for SMEs and Public to boost the interest and knowledge in robotic industry.

  1. IR 4.0 Training Series (SCARA Robot)
  2. Building Mobile App For Beginner

Futurise is collaborating with RS & GIS Consultancy Sdn Bhd together with KANZU Research of UTHM in Mobilise Project. It is a collaborative multi-agency platform for building resilient communities to enhance disaster risk reduction through digital technology. In order to intensify awareness of this project, Futurise together with RS & GIS and KANZU Research are focusing on capacity building through Mobilise Training.


Roboprenuer Sdn Bhd is a fast-growing service robotic company providing technology solution for the 4th Industrial Revolution (IR4.0) by nurturing trainings for entreprenuers,partners and academic institutions such as

  1. Pepper Introduction Training
  2. Kinova Gen 3 Partners Training
  3. Phython 3 Training
  4.  ROS Development Training





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