Integrating new transport forms in Malaysia

MyAV (My Autonomous Vehicle) aims to support industry players by providing a safe test site for Autonomous Vehicle technology, which also spurs the development of the transportation industry in Malaysia.


Regulatory Testing
Talent Training
Tech Advancements

These components contribute to the creation of a conducive environment for innovation, where organisations are able to develop, test, and demonstrate advancements in autonomous vehicle technology.


Futurise has first taken the lead in developing an autonomous vehicle testing guidelines, along with the collaboration of MARii, Majlis Perbandaran Sepang (MPS), Jabatan Pengangkutan Malaysia (JPJ), Land Public Transport Agency (APAD), MiROS, and Automotive Development Centre of Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, which then later proposed to the Ministry of Transport and received endorsements of our first testing route in Cyberjaya on December 2020.

Expected Outcomes

Development of an efficient innovation ecosystem

Creation of potential job opportunities

Support local and and international talents

MyAV Development

Testing Routes


Futurise has taken the lead in developing the first testbed for Autonomous Vehicle testing in Cyberjaya, a testbed that aims to support industry players in testing and collecting relevant data with regards to the autonomous vehicle industry.

The testbed contains two routes which stretches seven kilometres in total, with the first route looping around Futurise and MaGIC premises and the second route covers Persiaran APEC, Persiaran Cyberpoint, and Persiaran Rimba Permai.

With the Testbeds now in place, eMoovit became the 1st company to undertake AV pilot testing in Cyberjaya, Malaysia. For the rest of AV players, they can now submit an application and test out their vehicles in a safer and more controlled environment.


Futurise is currently working on expanding MyAV Routes towards Iskandar Puteri, Johor, whereby this testbed will focus on application of public transportation and electric buses in the southern region.

Another MyAV routes is currently being formed in Putrajaya, in collaboration with Perbadanan Putrajaya (PPJ), whereby this testing routes will focus on the application of Connected ITS (CITS) with the current available infrastructure, along with Red Light Running, Sensor Pedestrian Crossing, and Collision Avoidance (sudden braking).

Challenges of AV

  • Lousy weather, heavy traffic, roads signs with graffiti on them can negatively impact the accuracy of sensing capability
  • Radar is less susceptible to adverse weather conditions
Machine Learning
  • There is no widely accepted and agreed basis for ensuring that the machine learning algorithms used in the cars are safe
  • No agreement across the industry, or across standardisation bodies, on how machine learning should be trained, tested or validated
The Open Road
  • AV on the new roads may not come across in its training and be subject to software updates
  • How can we ensure that the system continues to be just as safe as its previous version
  • How to ensure the system doesn't forget previously safe behaviours
  • Sufficient standards and regulations for a whole autonomous system do not exist
  • Current standards for the safety of existing vehicles assume the presence of a human driver to take over in an emergency
Social Acceptability
  • Social acceptability is not just an issue for those wishing to buy a self-driving car, but also for others sharing the road with them
  • Public needs to be involved decisions about the introduction and adoption of self-driving vehicles

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is MyAV?
MyAV is an initiative by the Ministry of Transport Malaysia (MOT) supported by Futurise and Local Councils through the National Regulatory Sandbox Program (NRS) in providing a safe, real-life environment test bed for autonomous vehicle trial
2. Where is MyAV located at?
The first MyAV was developed in Cyberjaya, Selangor. MOT together with Futurise are currently working on the development of MyAV in Putrajaya and Iskandar Puteri, Johor
3. How to apply for an autonomous vehicle trial at MyAV?
Organizations who are interested to conduct autonomous vehicle trials at MyAV are required to submit the application form together with the Safety Management Plan to [email protected]
4. What is the duration of the autonomous vehicle trial at MyAV?
Trial organizations are required to conduct the trial at Route A for at least six (6) months and will then proceed to Route B for at least twelve (12) months
5. What type of vehicles can be used for autonomous vehicle trials at MyAV?
The vehicles used must comply with the current regulations and standards and must obtain permit/approval from the relevant authorities (e.g. Vehicle Type Approval)
6. Is there any cost involved to conduct autonomous vehicle trials at MyAV?
There is no cost involved. However, trial organizations are required to obtain a public liability insurance that is sufficient to cover the vehicle, product, public, occupational health and safety and other related risks
7. Who will be evaluating the trial application?
Trial application at Route A will be evaluated by Futurise, meanwhile for Route B will be evaluated by the AV Evaluation Committee, chaired by MOT
8. How will the trial application status/result be notified?
MOT will provide a written approval letter to the approved organization to conduct the autonomous vehicle trial
9. Where can the Guideline for Public Road Trials of Autonomous Vehicles be referred to?
The Guideline for Public Road Trials of Autonomous Vehicles can be assessed through All trial organizations are required to understand and comply with the terms and conditions stated in the guideline
10. What is the process to import any autonomous vehicles into Malaysia for trial purposes?
To import autonomous vehicles into Malaysia, applicants will need to get an approved permit (AP) from MITI under R&D permanent/temporary import. For further information on this, please refer to MITI website. Kindly be informed that a local partner/responsible party is required for this AP application.
For any enquiries on the above matter, you may directly contact AP MITI through 03 - 6208 4970 / 03 - 6208 4945 or email at [email protected]
11. What is the estimated cost and duration to import any autonomous vehicles into Malaysia for trial purposes?
Different costs will be incurred at different levels based on the purpose of importing the vehicles. You may refer to MITI website for further information.
For any enquiries on the above matter, you may directly contact AP MITI through 03 - 6208 4970 / 03 - 6208 4945 or email at [email protected]

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