An Open Innovation Platform

FUTURITY is a platform to drive collaborative innovation among technologists, innovators, and partners using a combination of proactive matching to capture market needs, connect innovative solution providers, solution seekers and collaborators.

The platform allows aggregation the diverse challenges that organisation is facing and allow members to share issues and opportunities in many perspectives that will help in capturing trends and opportunities for innovation.

Permit organisations to design specific challenges and statements to evaluate ideas. Hence members are free to discuss and rate the solutions that maybe implemented.

The dashboard allows organisations to analyse the on-going projects in a single dashboard in real-time based on project progress and potential impacts.

The platform will help to monitor the documents involve in programmes & project progress such as National Regulatory Sandbox. This will improve the process of documentation and will make programme monitoring become more efficient.


Digitising the Open Programme:
  1. Include multiple stakeholder groups virtually
  2. Knowledge based platform where information is accessible
  3. Project Management tool for progress monitoring

Platform Value:
  1. Matching Algorithm to automate cognitive capabilities
  2. Community Driven to harness collective intellect



Help new products and services adhere to existing regulations


Product change


Regulator, innovators and businesses


Support new innovations by adapting existing regulatory framework


Product, service and regulatory change


Regulator, innovators, businesses and industry stakeholders


Iterative development of regulation and standards around the emerging field


Better understanding of technology’s impact on economy and society, regulatory needs and vision for the future


Regulator, businesses, cross-industry, civil society, local authorities, cities, citizen, early adopters and NGO’s

Sent in applications form to test the platform

Collaboration with Akademi Sains Malaysia

As for our collaboration with Academy of Sciences Malaysia (ASM), Futurise’s proprietary Open Innovation Platform (FUTURITY) is to be properly and effectively utilised for the ASM’s i-Connect programme so that suitable innovation within the programme can be recorded on the platform for possible matching against potential solutions as well as potential channeling into the NRS programme.

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